Chicago Dental Implants

Whether you have lost a tooth or are simply looking for a new smile, Chicago dental implants can help you get back the confidence you once had. Dental implants are small titanium posts that act as artificial tooth roots. They provide a strong foundation for your restoration, which can be a dental crown, bridge, or denture. They also restore your mouth’s natural look and functionality.

A dentist who specializes in dental implants will work with you to determine if you are a good candidate for implants. They will take X-rays to determine if you have enough bone to support the implant. They will then recommend a treatment plan to suit your needs. In some cases, you may need a bone graft to prevent the implant from failing.

Before undergoing surgery, patients should be accompanied by a parent. During the procedure, IV anesthesia is administered. During the recovery period, the patient should only consume soft, liquid foods. It is important to take care of the gums around the implant. If there are any medications that need to be taken, the doctor should be notified. The patient will need to wait a few months for the bone to fuse with the implant. Once this is complete, the patient will receive post-surgical instructions.

The Implant and Innovations Center at the College of Dentistry offers state-of-the-art restorative dental services to meet the needs of any patient. Their facilities are 5,900 square feet with eight operatories. The facility features the latest technologies, such as digital surgical guides and treatment planning software. The center is designed to make dental implants as convenient as possible.

In addition to modern technologies, the Implant and Innovations Center at the College of Dental Medicine is a full-service educational facility. Its team is dedicated to providing the highest quality restorative dental care. They offer a range of procedures, including advanced treatments for the upper and lower jaw. They also recognize that implant-supported restorations are a viable option for every patient.

One of the most common types of full dental implants in Chicago is the all-on-four. This type of procedure replaces all of the teeth in the top and bottom rows of the mouth. The procedure includes four titanium implants. These dental implants are placed in the jawbone, which then bonds with the metal post. The metal post and the jawbone fuse together over a couple of months, creating a durable synthetic root system.

During the procedure, patients should not eat anything for eight hours before and after the surgery. In most cases, the recovery period is a few weeks. After the healing process is complete, the patient will receive artificial teeth, which are attached to the post portion of the anchor. This gives the patient great stability and comfort. The artificial teeth can perform all of the functions of natural teeth.

Another advantage of dental implants is that they can prevent bone deterioration when teeth are missing. The dentists will use an incision in the gum to expose the bone. The jawbone grows around the titanium post. After the incision heals, the metal post and the bone bond.

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