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Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime that could have severe consequences on an individual’s life. It can result in a conviction and the loss of driving privileges, fines, mandatory counseling, or jail time.

If you are facing a DUI charge, you will need an experienced Alexandria criminal and DUI defense attorney by your side to ensure that the charges against you are dismissed or reduced and that you avoid the most severe penalties. If you are unsure about your charges and your legal rights, contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

You may be required to take blood, breath, or urine tests after being arrested for a DUI in Alexandria. These tests can determine your blood alcohol content, or BAC, which is an important factor in determining the severity of a DUI charge.

The results of these test are used by the prosecution to build their case. A skilled Alexandria DUI defense attorney can use these test results and the police officer’s observations to challenge your case and present a strong legal argument on your behalf.

An Alexandria DUI lawyer can also help you petition to get your charges dropped if there is insufficient evidence, and argue in court to have your charges thrown out if they are based on illegally obtained evidence.

Almost all DUI cases in Virginia involve the arresting officer’s observations and opinions, and a skilled Alexandria DUI lawyer can cross-examine those officers on their behavior and decisions in order to prove their innocence. They can also use these observations to make the jury question their decisions, which is a crucial part of a successful Alexandria DUI defense.

Slurred speech is another common form of drunk driving proof that can be contested in court. A skilled Alexandria DUI lawyer can examine the circumstances surrounding your stop, the slurred speech, and other potential factors to determine if the evidence is accurate or not.

Many courts in Alexandria consider slurred speech as evidence of impairment, but there are several studies that show that slurred speech is not necessarily a reliable indicator of drunk driving. Rather, it can be influenced by other factors, such as an individual’s personality and their general demeanor.

In addition to the slurred speech, other possible forms of impairment include eye-contact, unsteady walking, and a lack of coordination. Depending on the situation, an Alexandria DUI lawyer can also challenge the accuracy of the breath or blood test results and the police officer’s observations.

If you have a blood alcohol concentration that is at least twice the legal limit, you will be charged with extreme DUI. This is a very serious offense that can result in a lengthy prison sentence and even loss of your driver’s license.

You will need to attend an arraignment, a hearing in which your charges are read to you and you are asked to enter a plea. The judge will decide whether you can return home or remain in jail until your trial.

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